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Sleep....What's that again???

Sleep....What's that again???
*Sleep whenever and wherever you can. If you are nursing, try expressing milk so that your partner can take over that midnight feeding every other night.
*Don't be afraid to let things go. It's o.k. The house doesn't need to be perfect. Folding laundry can wait, and the kitchen doesn't need to be spotless. If you have a half an hour, spend it napping!
*Ask for help. Grandma would be thrilled to come. Let her.....she can help prepare meals or take the baby for a stroll so that you can get some zzzzzzzzz's. 
*Get some daily exercise. It will help relieve the stress you may be feeling. Take the new baby out for a walk around the block. The fresh air will be good for both of you and will help you both sleep better at night.

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